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Results in 'Presentations, Videos & Papers' and 'Abdominal Wall'

Tripartite 2014: Visceral obesity with incisional hernia after colorectal surgery

20 January 2016
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Examine the relationship between abdominal fat measurements and risk of incisional hernia. Christopher Aquina's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014

Tripartite 2014: A randomised controlled trial of reinforcement of closure of stoma site using a biological mesh: the ROCSS pilot study findings

18 November 2015
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Abhilasha Patel's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014

Tripartite 2014: The impact of laparoscopy on incisional hernia rates - an analysis of 1057 colorectal cancer resections

7 August 2015
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Aims to determine frequency of incisional hernia formation after laparoscopic and open colorectal cancer surgery. Ami Mishra's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014