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EYCN leadership program


  • The transition to independent practice is challenging
  • There is a big gap in our education!
  • Training focuses on clinical competence and preparation
  • Challenges: job planning, career advice, litigation, GMC inquest, complaints

What functions should a consultant network provide?

  • High Priority:
  • Mentoring (80.4%, n=37)
  • Peer support (87%, n=40)
  • Medium Priority:
  • Management
  • Career Progression
  •  Non Technical Skills


What topics are important to new surgeons?

  • 80% Job Planning
  • 60% How to deal with/prevent complaints
  • 53.3% Appraisal & Re-validation
  • 53.3% New service/business planning
  • 48.9% Transition from Trainee to Trainer
  • 48.9% Clinical Practice

How can we address these?

  • Aim to deliver educational program for members of EYCN
  • EYCN roadshows initially planned but Coronavirus!
  • Webinars, online meetings, guest speakers, career development resources

Development of EYCN webinar series

  • Started with lots of ideas
  • Narrowed down the topics to address
  • Developing a format in partnership with Medtronic
  • 3 themed half days one month apart on different days- maximise accessibility with clinical commitments
  • Each half day split into theory and practical elements

Webinar Feedback


Webinar feedback

  • Attendance was 94, 39 and 77 for each day
  • Feedback from 57, 21 and 46 attendees for the 3 days
  • Over 50% not members of EYCN although over 50% were consultants in first 5 years
  • 10% had been in practice over 5 years

What could be improved?

  • More practical and applicable advice with directions on how to do so’
  • 'Course materials and small group break out rooms would be good’
  • ‘Speaker diversity was poor’
  • ‘I would like talks from experts outside surgery eg police hostage negotiator or senior managers from other professions’
  • I wonder if reducing the amount of varied content and dedicating more time on a few topics and giving speakers longer to talk would make the sessions more valuable
  • Perhaps more time for audience questions’

Future direction?

  • ‘How to learn new technique as a group discussion by select panel members than a lecture. A few people interested in a particular subspecialty may make things more interesting and give away more practical hints and tips’
  • ‘How young consultants can drive change in their organisation to improve practice’
  • ‘How disco points (Scotland) and CEAs are awarded’
  • 'Inclusion of a talk on Mental Health and the NHS’
  • ‘Private practice’

Please send your suggestions!

Thanks to our supporters!

  •  EYCN committee
  • Stephanie Wood, Hugo Cunha and Medtronic
  • ACPGBI- Nicola Fearnhead, Steve Brown, Adele Sutton, Nicole Taub
  • Speakers and Chairs