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EYCN Taskforce

Early Year Consultant Network (EYCN) was set up by a task force of colorectal surgeons in late 2019 to provide support for consultants in their first five years of practice. Such support would take the form of mentorship, peer support, inclusivity.




EYCN Taskforce:

In May 2020, EYCN was founded following on from the initial work of the EYCN Taskforce (end of 2019), an initiative from the ACPGBI. This original group of surgeons met (pre-Covid) to discuss the specific challenges Colorectal Surgeons who are transitioning into consultant practice face. A national survey of ACPGBI and Dukes' Club members regarding which challenges should be prioritised was undertaken, which assisted in creating the founding three tenets of EYCN: Inclusivity - Mentorship - Peer Support. A survey of young colorectal consultant surgeons identified a need of support for job planning, complaints, appraisal & revalidation

Members of the EYCN Taskforce who helped create the founding priorities and goals for what would go on to become EYCN