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Geoff Oates was our inaugural President in 1990.  Sadly he passed away in 2013. 

In recognition of the legacy he leaves behind and the thriving Society he co-created it was decided to offer a medal to a person considered by the Executive to have contributed substantially to the growth and success of the Association and to the practice of Coloproctology as a whole.  It is anticipated that this award will only be given out in exceptional circumstances. 

Any awards will be announced at the Annual meeting.

Geoff Oates Memorial Medal Award Recipients 

2023 Mr Andrew Williams 2023 Annual Meeting, Manchester
2022 Professor Bob Arnott 2022 Annual Meeting, Edinburgh
2020 Miss Asha Senapati 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (Edinburgh Fringe)
2019 Miss Anne T O’Mara Retirement Celebration, 14 October 2019
2019 Mr Graham Williams 2019 Annual Meeting, Dublin
2018 Mrs Jo Church Research Sandpit event 30 November 2018
RCS England
2016 Mr George Foster 2016 Annual Meeting, Edinburgh
2014 Professor John Nicholls Tripartite Colorectal Meeting, Birmingham