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Multidisciplinary Clinical Committee

The Multidisciplinary Clinical Committee (MCC) represents clinical aspects of colorectal practice as distinct from research, audit and training. It has eight subcommittees and contributes to national initiatives that require specialist colorectal input. It is responsible for ACPGBI position statements.

Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair Michael Davies
Elected Member Dermot Burke
Elected Member Martyn Evans
Elected Member Toby Hammond
Elected Member Kai Leong
Elected Member Michael Lim
Elected Member Rick Saunders
ACPN representative Carol Katte
Clinical Governance Board Chair James Wheeler
Abdominal Wall Subcommittee Chair Dominic Slade
Colonoscopy Subcommittee Chair Sarah Mills
IBD Subcommittee Chair Thomas Pinkney
Peritoneal Malignancy Subcommittee Chair Thomas Cecil
Proctology Subcommittee Chair Philip Tozer
Robotic Subcommittee Chair Jim Khan
Dukes’ Representative Mohamed Rabie
Oncology representative Jenny Seligmann
Pathology Representative Andrew Robinson
Dukes’ Club representative Panchali Sarmah
Patient Liaison Group member Jenny Pipe
Radiology Representative Sara Upponi
Proctology Subcommittee Chair Philip Tozer
Abdominal Wall Subcommittee Chair Ian Daniels
Advanced Malignancy Subcommittee Chair John (Ian) Jenkins
Emergency General Surgery Subcommittee Chair Richard Guy
IBD Subcommittee Chair Thomas Pinkney
Intestinal Failure Subcommittee Chair Carolynne Vaizey


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