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 Members of the Executive Committee are elected each year at our AGM.

Lillian Reza

PresidentI am an ST7 in the North-East Thames London deanery and am currently out of programme completing a PhD at St Mark’s Hospital on the classification and management of pouch fistula. I am interested in improving access to standardised educational content and opportunities in pelvic floor and proctology.

Mohamed Rabie
Past President

Mohamed is an ST8 in the East of England with a special interest in advanced colorectal cancer and robotic surgery. He was the trainee representative on the ACPGBI Research and Audit committee in 2020-2021 and became Vice-President of The Dukes’ Club in 2021. He completed a PhD in colorectal surgery in 2013. He is a lecturer in general surgery and graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt

Charlotte El-Sayed
Vice President

I have recently completed my ST6 in the West Midlands deanery and am now OOP undertaking an RCS England/NHS England research fellowship in robotics & digital surgery. My fellowship is part of my PhD which is assessing training in robotic assisted surgery in the UK.

I have a keen interest in education and improving training standards which I have demonstrated over the years within the Dukes' club executive through various educational events and courses I have developed and coordinated

Andrew Yiu, Secretary

I am a General Surgery-themed CT2 in London. I graduated from King’s College London, where I also completed a BSc in Medical Genetics. I am interested in improving patient outcomes and surgical education through the use of digital surgery. I am also involved in organising the Portsmouth Colorectal Congress, which focuses on robotics and other advances in colorectal surgery.

Susanna Green, Abdominal Wall rep

I am a Leeds graduate, LTFT ST7 Colorectal trainee and mummy. I completed my core and higher training in the North West and Yorkshire deaneries and I have a special interest in abdominal wall reconstruction. I very much enjoy teaching, have recently been part of faculty for regional small bites closure courses, and the Leeds Cadsim cadaveric AWR course, and hope to continue to encourage interest from trainees in the importance of incisional hernia prevention. I hope to generate enthusiasm and engagement from Dukes Club members in the evidence based changes to abdominal wall closure, and also facilitate further learning about AWR techniques.

Ioanna Drami, Advanced cancer & peritoneal malignancy rep

Ioanna is a higher surgical trainee (ST5) in the North East and Central London deanery, with a special interest in colorectal cancer. Her academic background includes a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at QMUL and an MSc at Imperial College in Reproductive and Developmental Biology. Ioanna elected to take time out of training to undertake a PhD at St Mark’s Institute and Imperial College, under the supervision of Mr Ian Jenkins and Professor Stella Knight, as part of the BiCyCLE research group.

Delphine Couderq, ASiT rep

I am currently an ST5 in the East Midlands. After graduating from King’s College London, I completed Foundation training in South Thames and Core Surgical training in London.  It’s still early in my surgical career, but I have an interest in colorectal surgery. I also have a personal interest in mentorship and supporting the younger generation in their surgical career development.

Hannah Javanmard, Emergency general surgery rep

Hannah is an ST4 in the East Midlands, returning to training having finished a 3 year research fellowship with the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit. Her PhD work focussed on emergency laparotomies in extreme-risk populations. Her interests include collaborative research and quality improvement in emergency general surgery.

Orestis Argyriou, IBD & intestinal failure rep

I am an ST6 in the North-West London Deanery, and have recently come out of training, to undertake my research, leading to a PhD, in IBD and Pouch Surgery, at St Mark’s Hospital. Prior to that, I completed my CST in the North-West Deanery (Mersey), as well as an MSc in Medical Education with the University of Liverpool. I have been the North-West London regional Dukes rep for the past 2 years, and have participated in the organisation of various local events, as well as the delivery of a course for medical students at Imperial College London.

Katie Siggens, JAG & colonoscopy rep

I’m ST6 in Wessex region, currently out of programme doing a PhD in advanced endoscopy where my research focuses on artificial intelligence in colonoscopy. I graduated from the University of Nottingham before moving to Wessex for surgical training, where I’m also the regional representative for Dukes Club.

Annalise Katz-Summercorn, Research & audit rep

I am currently an ST7 trainee in the East of England, with an interest in Colorectal malignancy. I graduated from Cambridge University in 2008 and completed my junior training in London. I was later awarded a CRUK fellowship to undertake a PhD in the early detection of GI cancer, in the Fitzgerald lab in at the MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge. My research focussed on the early detection of oesophageal adenocarcinoma by integrating genomics with expression and methylation data on samples from a large cohort of patients. This gave me a huge set of transferrable skills to apply to Colorectal research, with publications in Nature and Science and a number of international presentations and prizes.

Taner Shakir, Robotics rep

Taner is an ST6 currently OOP at UCL; his research involves improving robotics training with digital adjuncts. His core and higher surgery deanery has been the East of England, where he is also the Dukes Club regional representative. He is passionate about training, having led and delivered multiple trainee focussed robotics courses.

Michael Okocha, The Pelvic Floor Society rep

As a Severn Deanery ST6 Registrar and this year's ESCP Pelvic Floor Fellow for 2023/24, I bring a robust background in Medical Education, EGS, and EDI. Currently, I am the President of the Moynihan Academy (EGS & Trauma Trainee group ASGBI) and was the inaugural Equality Officer for ASiT. My objectives are fourfold: 1) Launch an educational webinar series focused on pelvic floor, 2) Distribute the TPFS pelvic floor survey to trainees, 3) Finalise a list of observerships, and 4) Guarantee a dedicated trainee day at the TPFS conference.

Taner Shakir, Robotics rep

Taner is an ST6 currently OOP at UCL; his research involves improving robotics training with digital adjuncts. His core and higher surgery deanery has been the East of England, where he is also the Dukes Club regional representative. He is passionate about training, having led and delivered multiple trainee focussed robotics courses.


Rezuana Tamanna, Education and training rep

I am a Trust SHO in West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, currently working in colorectal surgery. As an Education & trainee representative , I aim to provide wider range of hands on training courses such as: laparoscopic courses, Cadaveric courses

Farah Khasawneh, The Proctology rep

I am the proctology representative in Duke's Club and a EDI committee
member for ASGBI. I finished medical school and general surgery training in Jordan and am currently a colorectal surgery registrar at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. I am also completing an MD on FIT in symptomatic and high-risk for CRC patients with University of Leicester.

Jordan Fletcher, Webmaster and Social Media

My medical education MEd degree has given me a strong understanding of educational theory. As a leadership fellow, I set up and ran the Yorkshire and Humber deanery advanced cadaveric simulation programme CADSIM. I hope to build on the fantastic Duke’s educational programme and aim to 1) expand video-based content 2) produce FRCS podcast episodes 3)  establish a digital library of anatomical specimens using 3D photogrammetry and 4) offer a wider range of cadaveric training courses.