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2 November 2023

This on-demand teaching session is perfect for medical professionals looking to learn more about surgery for colorectal trainees! Learn about the job of a general surgeon with a pediatric interest, the resources and services needed, the elective and emergency surgeries performed, and get a firsthand account of pediatric surgeries in a small to medium sized DGH. Hear from someone who has trained to perform Antegrade Colon Enemas and Pyloric Stenosis, even though those surgeries aren’t necessary in their position. This is a great opportunity to learn about the career and the exams required, as well as what to do with malformations and anomalies referred to the clinic.


The Dukes' Club 2023 educational weekend lectures

Sponsored by ETHICON - Exclusive primary sponsor for the Dukes' Club weekend!

Third session Not So Benign:

Paediatric surgery for colorectal trainees by Alistair Brookes

Abdominal wall reconstruction by Duncan Scrimigour

MDT: Cancer in IBD by Ami Mishra and Simon Chan

Learning objectives

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the differences between adult and pediatric general surgery

2. Describe the impact of resources and services on the scope of practice for a pediatric general surgeon

3. Explain the role of specialty pediatric surgeons in tertiary care

4. Differentiate between surgical procedures requiring neonatal HD level care and those that do not

5. Outline the clinical approaches for managing pediatric emergencies within a general hospital setting.


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