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Intestinal Failure Subcommittee

Intestinal failure represents a significant burden of disease and is an important cause of long-term morbidity and mortality in the general, emergency and colorectal surgical communities.

High-quality surgical efforts in both the prevention and management of intestinal failure are therefore of the utmost importance. Elective colorectal and emergency operations may be associated with a relatively bowel injury and surgical site infections (SSI) and can also be complicated by fistulas especially if reoperation is deemed necessary. Intestinal failure may follow occlusive vascular events or be associated with luminal bowel diseases such as Crohn’s or malignancy or with mechanical or non-mechanical bowel obstructions.

All colorectal surgeons will face disease related or iatrogenic intestinal failure patients as part of their practice; all should be able to deal with such patients acutely but patients with established intestinal failure should to be referred on to a designated surgical centre.

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Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair Carolynne Vaizey
Elected Member Dermot Burke
Elected Member Gordon Carlson
Elected Member Andrew King
Elected Member Akash Mehta
Elected Member Neena Randhawa
ACPN representative Mia Small
Dukes’ Representative Chih Ying Tan

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