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Research and Audit Committee

The Research and Audit Committee is responsible for advising on all matters relating to research, managing the ACPGBI databases and participating in national audit, including NBOCA (National Bowel Cancer Audit).

Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair Jim Tiernan
Patient Liaison Group member Sue Blackwell
Elected Member Elaine Burns
Elected Member Malcolm West
Elected Member Sharad Karandikar
Elected Member Hema Sekhar
ACPN representative Gabrielle Thorpe
RCS Research Leads for Colorectal Surgery Dale Vimalachandran
RCS Research Leads for Colorectal Surgery Susan Moug
Dukes’ Club representative Mohamed Rabie
RCS ASSL Nick Heywood
RCS ASSL Abigail Vallance

The committee meets in person at every annual meeting and by teleconference around four times a year. Each elected member of the committee also has individual additional portfolio commitments to support specific functions of ACPGBI, including representation on the NBOCA and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Clinical Advisory Groups, updating the website trials information, managing specific audits or databases and the Surgical Workload Outcomes Audit Database (SWORD) programme, and sitting on selection committees for research fellowships. Members devote a significant amount of time to the committee each year outside of meetings.

The chair is elected from within the committee by the elected members. The chair represents the views of the committee at ACPGBI Executive and Council to advise ACPGBI on policy and strategy with respect to research and audit, as well as matters affecting the profession. The chair is an integral member of the Programme Committee for annual meetings and has direct responsibility for arranging research sessions.

Job description: Chair, Research and Audit Committee


For more information, please email Adele Sutton

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