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Advanced Malignancy Subcommittee

Management of advanced colorectal cancer is becoming increasingly specialised and important. Its provision within Trusts is of strategic importance to improve the efficiency and quality of care for patients. It is a key hospital service that requires substantial development.

The purpose of the Advanced Malignancy Subcommittee is to represent and support ACPGBI members.

This Advanced Malignancy Subgroup mirrors IBD, Emergency Surgery, Pseudomyxoma and Endoscopy subgroups that similarly report through MCC.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair John (Ian) Jenkins
ACPN representative Amanda Coop
Elected Member Ioanna Drami
Elected Member Martyn Evans
Elected Member Aaron Quyn
Elected Member Paul Sutton
ACPN representative Claire Taylor
Elected Member Jim Tiernan


  • Multidisciplinary Clinical Committee (MCC). The subgroup reports to ACPGBI Council and Executive through the MCC Chair
  • Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (NAHP) Group
  • Association of Surgeons of GBI
  • Association of Cancer Physicians
  • The National Bowel Cancer Audit
  • Charities and patient support groups
  • Commissioning bodies


  • Representation of views of professional and patient groups in shaping strategy for the management of patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
  • Promotion of expert provision, management structure, resources and quality improvement in local delivery of advanced colorectal cancer surgery.
  • Provision of oversight, direction, governance and promotion of advanced colorectal cancer databases, audits, research and initiatives.
  • Address issues related to training and the performance of advanced colorectal cancer surgery. Working with the Education and Training Committee to ensure appropriate governance of Fellowships in this area..
  • Collaboration with other bodies and charities with shared interest in the management of advanced colorectal cancer


The membership of ACPCBI will be invited to apply for 5 positions on the subgroup. These will be voted by Council following submission of an abridged CV. Each post will be for three years.

The Chair will be appointed by the Executive of the ACPGBI in the first instance. This may or may not be from elected members. At the end of the term of office of this inaugural Chair, it is anticipated that the members of the sub-committee will elect the next Chair.

A patient representative will be nominated by the Patient Liaison Group.

A trainee representative will be appointed by the Dukes’ Club.

The radiology and oncology representatives of MCC will be co-opted onto this committee.

Other co-opted members will be recruited as required.


The chair of the subcommittee will report to the Chairman of the MCC.


Meetings will be held twice each year. At least one face-to-face meeting is encouraged each year usually at the annual meeting of ACPGBI
Other meetings will be held by teleconference.

The agenda will be coordinated by the Chair in conjunction with members and the Chair of MCC.

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