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 EYCN Mentorship Pilot – In Programme Guidance

Many thanks for your participation in the EYCN mentorship programme pilot. We are issuing this guidance in response to feedback requesting more clarity with regards to the structure of the EYCN Mentorship programme. In reading this guidance, please also refer back to the mentorship agreement.
  • Training

We will be running a further series of training dates later in the year and will advise you of the dates as soon as possible. If you haven’t been able to attend previous sessions, please do try and make yourself available for these next sessions. These sessions will again take place virtually and are planned for December 2021. An invitation will be emailed through to you once the dates have been confirmed.

  • Mentorship Meetings

We recommend that mentees and mentors meet no less frequently than every three months. These meetings can take place on any mutually agreed platform. The timing and instigation of meetings should be driven by the mentee. The topics of discussion should build upon those previously discussed, and include anything further the mentee wishes to discuss. Mentors may wish to ask questions about aspects of clinical practice to help identify areas for discussion. Ultimately the programme is designed for mentees, who should be driving the meetings and setting the agenda.

  • Contact Between Meetings

We would encourage informal contact between these regular meetings on any mutually agreed platform. This may be to ask for a quick piece of advice, or to ‘sound check’ something the mentee has encountered in the workplace.

  • Evaluation

We have asked on enrolment into the programme and within the mentorship agreement that mentees and mentors engage with the ongoing evaluation of the programme by completing short questionnaires. These will be kept as streamlined as possible and are currently planned at two time points of 6 and 12 months (plus 18 months for those in cohort 1). This is crucially important to the evaluation and longevity of the programme and we would urge you to assist us with this aim by participating.

  • Beyond Year 1

One year following the date of match, mentees and mentors will be awarded certification of having participated in what will hopefully by then be an internationally recognised programme if they meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of training requirement
  • Completion of evaluation
  • Self-certification of quarterly meetings with mentor/mentee

At this point, mentees and mentors will have the opportunity to decide if they wish to continue their mentoring relationship.

If choosing not to continue, mentees will not be able to re-enter the scheme. Mentors will be offered the opportunity to be matched with another mentee from an upcoming cohort. In the case of continuing their current mentorship relationship, this would be in addition to their currently matched mentee.

  • Opportunity for individual mentor accreditation

EYCN wishes to fund three mentors through individual accreditation via the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and facilitated by Intuition Discovery. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve formal accreditation with a small extra time commitment necessary in completing the application. If you are interested please let us know.

  • CPD for Mentorship Training

Each mentor training session was allocated four external CPD points and three points were allocated for the mentee session. Certificates were individually issued directly from ACPGBI on return of the evaluation form for the session. If you returned an evaluation and have not received a CPD certificate, please contact Nicole Taub directly at

If you have attended the session and wish to claim CPD but have not yet returned an evaluation form, the links are here:


  • And Finally

Thank you once again for participating in the programme and we sincerely hope you find it of value. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at

EYCN Mentorship Team