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ACPGBI is dedicated to excellence in the care and prevention of bowel disease. To develop and maintain a high standard of education and training within coloproctology, we offer course accreditation and professional development (CPD) approval for educational events.

How to apply

Download and complete the form below, then email Adele Sutton together with any supporting information.

Application form

You should hear from us in a fortnight.

Terms and conditions

  • The educational events should have high educational standards and should provide an effective learning experience for the participants
  • There should be a clear educational need for the CPD activity. Ideally the need should already have been demonstrated for instance, because the meeting covers significant recent advances relevant to the practice of the intended audience. The organiser should submit a report based on the course evaluation to the ACPGBI in order to obtain the CPD points
  • Any commercial sponsorship and/or any conflict of interest of individuals such as the programme planner, presenters or facilitators must be declared on the application for approval
  • If the meeting has any support, sponsorship or funding from a commercial healthcare organisation, a statement is required from the organiser that this has not influenced the structure or content of the educational programme. A copy of the agreement between the course provider and the sponsor confirming this is required for CPD approval. Also any potential conflict of interest of the organiser or faculty must be declared in the application
  • The target audience should be clearly stated
  • The learning objectives should be specifically defined and appropriate for the target audience
  • Teaching methods should be appropriate so as to achieve the stated learning objectives
  • Evidence that the presenters/facilitators have the expertise to deliver the learning objectives should be provided.  This can be expressed by the number of years in clinical practice and or the number of years in teaching in the field by the lead clinician
  • Evaluation of previous events from the provider should be satisfactory or show evidence of addressing any previous concerns
  • Location, timing and duration of the proposed meeting should be appropriate to the learning objectives. They should be both practical and convenient for the intended participants
  • The provider must agree to retain evidence of delegates’ attendance up to 5 years after the meeting and to provide it if requested
  • Organisers should obtain feedback on the programme by providing participants with a means by which they can easily record their rating of the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the event

Allocation of CPD Points

  • Up to one CPD point is allowed per hour of educational time, excluding breaks, for attendance at meetings and for teaching.
  • The number of points self allocated by attendees would depend upon knowledge/skills gained.
  • Participants who self allocate points from meetings would need to ensure they write a reflective note in their diaries.
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