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Proctology Subcommittee

Proctology has always been the sine qua non of the profession. The purpose of this subgroup is to ensure that the highest standards of practice are maintained going forward, training is maintained, and that new techniques can be supported appropriately. The Proctology subcommittee mirrors IBD, peritoneal malignancy and endoscopy subgroups that similarly report through MCC.

Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair Philip Tozer
Elected Member Jennie Grainger
Dukes’ Club representative Farah Khasawneh
Elected Member Kathryn McCarthy
Elected Member Rajasundaram Rajaganeshan
ACPN representative Denise Robinson
Patient Liaison Group member Sarah Squire
Elected Member Gregory Thomas
Elected Member Alfredo F Tonsi
Elected Member Stephen Ward

Terms of Reference (189 kb)


For more information, please email Adele Sutton

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