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Monday Programme

Monday 1 July 2024

Time/Venue Session
Main Auditorium

Colorectal Focus

Chairs: Nicola Eardley and James Horwood

  • Early rectal cancer - Kai Leong
  • Ulcerative colitis - Henry Ferguson
  • Diverticular disease - Dale Vimalachandran
  • Faecal incontinence - Julie Cornish
  • Colon cancer - Elaine Burns
Room 1d (Parallel 1)

Short Papers Session: CRC biology and genetics, minimal access surgery

Chairs: Pamela Sivathondan and Mazuin Talib

  • Surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease: systematic review and meta-analysis of robotic versus laparoscopic techniques - A Amin (Dudley)
  • Single-centre robotic experience in the management of advanced rectal cancer - A Jindal (Manchester)
  • Stress-induced extracellular vesicles promote EGFR-ERK dependent growth and cetuximab resistance in colorectal cancer - JD Mason (Oxford)
  • Establishing NGS and spatial omics protocols for patient samples with low tumour cellularity: towards enabling a multi-omics characterisation of PMP - RT Nagaraju (Manchester)
  • Voltage gated sodium channels: a potential therapeutic target in colorectal cancer - P Boxall (York)
Room 1e (Parallel 2)

Short Papers Session: Colorectal cancer risk assessment and outcomes

Chairs: Avanish Saklani and Khaldoun Nadi

  • Usefulness of a new prognostic scoring system for colon cancer created from a multicenter database - Y Kato (London)
  • Outcomes of patients deemed unsuitable for pelvic exenteration surgery after complex cancer treatment - B Siam (London)
  • Opportunistic body composition assessment of preoperative CT in patients undergoing major colorectal surgery, predicts poor functional performance in cardiopulmonary exercise testing - DVC Mai (London)
  • In addition to predicting poorer cardiopulmonary testing performance, Iliopsoas muscle depletion is associated with poorer preoperative patient-reported functional capacity - DVC Mai (London)
  • Long-term oncological outcomes after anastomotic leak following colorectal cancer resection - JP Welch (Birmingham)
  • Advancing Stoma Care Services (ASCS): Evidence-based proposals for a best practice pathway. Making it happen with the NHS Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) framework, collaboration and specialist expertise - NK Rolls (Bristol)
Main Auditorium


Jared Torkington

All day
Room 4

CMR Surgical DemonstrationsCMR Surgical logo

All day

ACPGBI Endoscopy Village

Workshop sponsors:

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Main Auditorium

BJS Prize SessionBJS logo

Chairs: Jared Torkington, Elaine Burns, Dale Vimalachandran, Susan Moug and Dean Harris

  • The empty pelvis syndrome: a core dataset from the PelvEx Collaborative - PelvEx Collaborative
  • Review of Medium to Long Term Outcomes of Ileo-anal Pouch Procedures in Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Yusuf H Hassan
  • Long-term outcomes of endoscopic resection for visible neoplasia in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Data from 2 large UK centres - Katie Siggens
  • Personalised 3D Imaging Enhances Patient Comprehension and Decision-Making in Pelvic Exenteration Surgery - Jordan A Fletcher
  • The local regrowth rates of rectal cancer patients with a clinical complete response to neoadjuvant (chemo)radiotherapy over time: International Watch & Wait Database study - Kat Parmar
  • The development of a Rectovaginal Fistula Core Outcome Set: A Delphi study - Charlene Sackitey
Main Auditorium

ACPGBI Lecture

Chair: Jared Torkington

  • Global surgery: challenges and opportunities for colorectal surgeons - Rachel Hargest

Coffee break

Main Auditorium


Chairs: Farah Khasawneh and Jennie Grainger

  • Piles and piles of bleedin' lumps: an overview of management - Greg Thomas
  • Management of anal warts and AIN - Tamzin Cuming
  • Pilonidal disease: options for management (incl. Pitstop) - Jon Lund
  • Pilonidal disease: What’s the crack? PND patient talk
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) management
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa: MDT Cases - Phil Tozer
Room 1d (Parallel 1)

Short Papers Session: Pelvic floor, IBD and proctology

Chairs: Parin Shah and Ioanna Drami

  • Primary repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS): a survey of surgeons' experience - N Elsaid (London)
  • The aerobiome, its influence on the colonic microbiome and its protective role In IBD - EA Horwell (London)
  • Can transperineal ultrasound be used as a screening tool to identify patients in whom transvaginal ultrasound can be avoided? - T Gala (London)
  • Prospective evaluation of a novel computer aided detection algorithm for detection of neoplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease - K Siggens (Portsmouth)
  • Effectiveness of transanal irrigation in low anterior resection syndrome after anterior resection for rectal cancer - SJ Jauhari (Oxford)
  • The role of defeacation proctography in characterising which quadrant of the rectum acts as the lead point and its surgical implications - S Singh (Oxford)
  • High and low take-off external prolapse phenotypes can be characterised pre-operatively on defaecation proctography - S Singh (Oxford)
  • Living with a rectovaginal fistula; stories told through patient interviews - C Sackitey (London)
  • Resetting the landscape of rectovaginal fistula epidemiology with hospital episode statistics (HES) database in England - C Sackitey (London)
Room 1e (Parallel 2)

Peritoneal Malignancy & Update from PELVEX

Chairs: Jody Parker and Dean Harris

  • Update from PELVEX - Ian Jenkins
  • Selection and outcomes for patients having cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for colorectal peritoneal metastasis - Haney Youssef
  • How to deal with the unexpected appendices neoplasm - Faheez Mohamed
  • HIPEC, PIPAC or "NO"PEC - Omer Aziz
  • Laparoscopic cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC: is it possible? - Umar Shariff
  • Questions/panel discussion

Main Auditorium

BJS LectureBJS logo

Chair: Martyn Evans

  • ‘Happy Workforce, Better Surgery’ - Tamzin Cuming
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
Small Hall

THD Sponsored SessionTHD logo

Main Auditorium

Anastomotic Leak - everything you need to know

Chairs: Katie Adams and Jim Tiernan

  • Introduction and polls - Katie Adams and Jim Tiernan
    • Poll: Classification of Leaks DO you use these within the M&M reporting and in clinical practice
    • Poll: Consensus survey: Grade C leak management options"
  • To defunction or not? High risk anastomoses - Derek McWhirter
  • Predicting leaks: literature review and PREDICT study - Shafaque Shaikh
  • The surgeon’s perspective: surviving leaks - Bob Baigrie
  • Salvage surgery: resect/divert/defunction - Nicola Fearnhead
  • Decision making in anastomotic leaks: more than just science? - Carly Bisset
  • Will technology save us? - David Jayne
  • Panel questions and poll results - Katie Adams and Jim Tiernan

Medtronic logoSponsored by Medtronic

Room 1d (Parallel 1)

Short Papers Session: Surveillance, sustainability and miscellaneous

Chairs: Greg Taylor and Taner Shakir

  • Adopting a hybrid alternative to single-use laparoscopic ports: a report of Cardiff and Vale University health board’s practical steps towards sustainable surgery - I Osinkolu (Cardiff)
  • Beyond the Scope: charting new frontiers in colorectal health with AI-guided endoscopic precision - George Shaker (Wales)
  • Incidence, healthcare resource use and costs associated with incisional hernia repair - L Smith (Cardiff)
  • Employing innovation to enhance the safety and reliability of restorative prophylactic surgical techniques for patients with familial adenomatous polyposis at a national referral centre - BA Alves (London)
  • UK hereditary gastrointestinal polyposis syndromes rare disease collaborative network: the first two years - SK Clark (London)
  • Between centre local regrowth rates after watch and wait in rectal cancer: a mixed-effects hierarchical model in the International Watch and Wait Database - AG Renehan (Manchester)
  • Interventions to achieve environmentally sustainable operating theatres: an umbrella review using the Behaviour Change Wheel and the Triple Bottom Line Framework - AA Almukhtar (London)
  • In Pursuit of achieving a NetZero NHS: A regional audit of adherence to the Royal College of Surgeons Green Theatre Checklist - E Dexter (Liverpool)
  • The Environmental and Cost Implications of Adopting a Recycling and Remanufacturing Scheme for Harmonic Scalpel Devices - S Gardner (Bristol)
Room 1e (Parallel 2)

Short Papers Session: Colorectal cancer surgery and endoscopic interventions, EGS, imaging and radiology

Chairs: Simone Sebastiani and Farah Khasawneh

  • Onco-vascular resection and reconstruction in complex abdominopelvic cancers: a systematic review - N Alford (Southampton)
  • Abdominal fat ratio (AFR) as a risk factor for complications in robotic colorectal surgery - R Callan (Northampton)
  • A population-based analysis of the elective surgical management of non-metastatic splenic flexure cancers - A Zeid (Birmingham and Egypt)
  • Speedboat-endoscopic submucosal dissection: a novel alternative treatment for low-risk colorectal cancers - S Zeidan (Ashford)
  • Learning curves for minimally-invasive intersphincteric resection using risk-adjusted cumulative sum curves - S Singh (India)
  • Psoas sarcopaenia as a predictor of mortality in patients over 65 with PR bleeding: a retrospective case controlled study - B Cunningham (Belfast)
  • Safety and efficacy of ambulatory treatment of uncomplicated acute diverticulitis: a two-centre cohort study - Mohamed Issa (Birmingham)
  • Long-term outcomes after diverticular abscess radiological (IR) drainage - R Shaalan (Dundee and Eygpt)
  • Accuracy of a MRI systematic reporting tool for selecting early rectal cancer (ERC) for rectal preserving local excision - R Carten (Aylesbury)

Wet Lab – Anastomotic LeakEthicon logo

15:30-16:00 Coffee break
Small Hall

CMR Sponsored SessionCMR Surgical logo

Main Auditorium

Research Session

Chairs: Jim Tiernan and Elaine Burns

Welcome - Jim Tiernan

Breaking Trials

  • INTACT - David Jayne
  • ALLEGRO - Hugh Gallagher
  • ACCURE - Tom Pinkney
  • NEOPRISM - Kai-Keen Shiu
  • EAGLE - Elizabeth Li

The ACPGBI Research MDT

  • Update - Jim Tiernan
  • ISAR1 - Jon Lacy-Colson

Trial Updates

  • ACPGBI National Open Abdomen Audit - Dominic Slade
  • POLARIS - Aaron Quyn
  • LACES 2 - Deena Harji
  • AZUR-1 - Jim Tiernan
  • ROSSINI 2 - Tom Pinkney

The How & the Why of PPI

  • Involving patients and the public in research - Samantha Rose and Georgia Sturt
Room 1d (Parallel 1)

Association of Coloproctology Nursing

ACPN: The Association of Coloproctology NursesChairs: David McArthur and Linnet McGeever

Edward Salts Lecture

  • AKI and electrolyte disturbance: interplay between gut and kidneys - Mark Devonald
  • Research into AKI and ileostomy - Adam Stearns
  • The recognition and management of AKI - Shelagh Bickerton
  • The patient perspective emphasising clinical outcomes and experiences that are important to patients - Azmina Rose
  • Nutritional risk and management strategies associated with AKI - 
    Jeanette Starkey
Room 1e (Parallel 2)

SAS Doctors Session

Chairs: Kiran Altaf and Sushil Maslekar

  • SAS strategy: a paradigm shift in equality, diversity and inclusion; supporting SAS Surgeons at RCS England - Vinita Shekar
  • SAS surgeons: 2023 UK surgical workforce - William Allum
  • SAS endoscopists: achieving a balance between training and service - Rachel Hargest
  • Your college needs you - Farah Bhatti
  • Panel discussion
Main Auditorium

BRUK LectureBowel Research UK

Chair: Asha Senapati

  • The greatest surgeon never to have lived: can AI master the art of surgery? - James Kinross
18:30-22:00 Welcome Reception with light street food supper at ICC.


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