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Honorary Membership

Each year the ACPGBI Executive considers those members or non-members who have contributed substantially to the field of Coloproctology in order to award honorary membership of the ACPGBI.  Those selected will be awarded the honour at the annual meeting and, provided remain in good standing, will retain the honour for life.

Honorary Members

Honorary Member Country
Dr H Abcarian USA
Professor Robert Arnott UK
Dr R W Beart USA
Professor E L Bokey Australia
Professor Ian Bissett New Zealand
Professor J Christiansen Denmark
Professor P J Finan UK
Dr James Church USA
Professor F Frizelle New Zealand
Professor S M Goldberg USA
Dr P H Gordon Canada
Professor R H Grace UK
Professor J Hardcastle UK
Mr P Hawley UK
Professor J Hill UK
Professor W Hohenberger Germany
Professor L A G Hultén Sweden

Professor H Hasegawa

Mr P Hawley UK
Professor Sir Miles Irving UK
Mr I Jones Australia
Professor M R B Keighley UK
Mr M Killingback Australia
Dr I J Kodner USA
Professor O Kronborg Denmark
Professor Søren Laurberg Denmark
Dr A C Lowry USA
Professor Robin McLeod Canada
Mr J Mackay Australia
Dr J Monson UK
Professor N Mortensen UK
Mr G Newstead Australia
Professor R J Nicholls UK
Professor John Northover UK
Miss K Nugent UK
Mr J Oakley Australia
Professor R Parc France
Professor F Penninckx Belgium
Professor P Quirke UK
Dr D Rothenberger USA
Dr Francis Seow-Choen Singapore
Dr L E Smith USA
Professor M Solomon Australia
Mr J Stamatakis UK
Professor Robert Steele UK
Mr R Stitz Australia
Mr MR Thompson UK
Mr J Thomson UK
Dr S D Wexner USA
Mr R Woods Australia