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Associate Surgical Specialty Leads for Colorectal and Gynaecology for Royal College of Surgeons of England

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 31 May 2023

These associate SSL posts will be competitively appointed to drive research trials forward in colorectal surgery or gynaecological cancer care. The successful applicants will be appointed for 3 years and work alongside the SSLs: Susan Moug... Read more

10 May 2023

2023 Advanced Coloproctology Course: 22-23 March 2023

Registration is open!

We are delighted to inform you that registration is OPEN for the 2022 Advanced Coloproctology Course on 22-23 March 2023. The course has been running successfully for almost 30 years and it will be the 3rd year of delivering the course in its... Read more

12 Dec 2022

Rectal Anatomy and Rectal Cancer Staging

Delighted that last week's Rectal MRI for colorectal surgeons- normal anatomy & staging rectal cancer can be viewed On Demand View here Read more

21 Sep 2021

Using Colon Capsule Endoscopy (CCE) to manage low to intermediate risk patients on a lower GI two week wait pathway

In June 2020, Clinical guidance on triaging patients with lower GI symptoms was published. This guidance supported the use of Colon Capsule Endoscopy (CCE) in patients with NG12 specified symptoms and a Faecal Immunochemical test (FIT) result of... Read more

9 Sep 2021

Post-Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer (PCCRC)

Rollout of a National Audit of Post-Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancers (PCCRCs) in England will begin in September 2021. In the last 20 years the colonoscopy service in England has made huge strides but there is always room for improvement. The PCCRC... Read more

1 Sep 2021