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Colorectal Specialty - State of Play

Exactly what it says on the tin? Generalist GI surgery has no place in the elective management of colorectal disease.  And by that I do not mean the super specialised surgery of recurrent cancer or ileoanal pouches – I mean everyday bread and... Read more

27 May 2012

Professor Bryan F Warren 1958-2012

Bryan Warren, great friend of Colorectal Surgery and an outstanding gastrointestinal pathologist of international renown, died at home on 28th March 2012. He was in a word, unique. Bryan was born in Cheshire and read medicine at... Read more

3 May 2012

Professor Philip Schofield 1930-2012

Philip Schofield was always a Yorkshire man. Imbued with that county’s best values of honesty, integrity, hard work and straight talking. Things were always what they were - with never pretence to make it otherwise. Clinical problems were met head... Read more

2 May 2012