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Designer makeover for colostomy bags

Stephanie Monty is working on a two-year project to produce ‘designer’ stoma bags, and takes her inspiration from tattoos and nice underwear. Bowel & Cancer Research teams up with Stephanie to add style to stomasStephanie Monty is using her... Read more

31 Jan 2019

Peristeen transanal irrigation system

Peristeen (Coloplast) is a transanal irrigation system for managing bowel dysfunction.The company's instructions for use in this indication recommend that it should be used every other day to empty the rectum and distal sigmoid colon, in order to... Read more

30 Jan 2019

New! ACPGBI Paper of the Month - Bi-monthly new resource

Prophylactic closed-incision negative-pressure wound therapy is associated with decreased surgical site infection in high-risk colorectal surgery laparotomy woundsAuthors: T. Curran, D. Alvarez, J. Pastrana Del Valle, T. E. Cataldo, V. Poylin and D.... Read more

22 Jan 2019

Clinical Excellence Awards 2019 round - England & Wales

We are pleased to inform you that the Clinical Excellence Award system is continuing this year. To enable us to score applications and produce ranked lists for ACPGBI support we need ACPGBI members’ ACCEA Application Forms to reach us no later... Read more

15 Jan 2019

Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP)

Do you know how patients in your hospital recover after major elective non-cardiac surgery? Do you know the complication rates in your hospital? Do you know what patient recovery is like? Can you be certain that you, your colleagues and your... Read more

9 Jan 2019