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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Subcommittee

The Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Subcommittee chaired reports to ACPGBI Council through the Multidisciplinary Clinical Committee, currently chaired by Michael Davies.

In addition the Chair sits on the IBD Clinical Advisory group. It is responsible for all aspects of the surgical management of IBD.


  • Promotion of expert provision, resources and quality improvement in IBD surgery on a national level.
  • Provision of oversight, direction, governance and promotion of IBD-related databases, audits, research and initiatives.
  • Serve as a steering group for the national ACPGBI IBD surgery database
  • Address issues related to training and the performance of IBD surgery by colorectal surgeons.
  • Collaboration with other bodies and charities with shared interest in IBD care.
  • Membership

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Committee Members

Role Representative
Chair Thomas Pinkney
Elected Member Austin Acheson
Elected Member Katie Adams
Elected Member Valerio Celentano
Elected Member Farhat Din
Elected Member Laura Hancock
ACPN representative Paula Harrison
Patient Liaison Group member Jenny Pipe
Elected Member Chih Ying Tan

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