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Results in 'Presentations, Videos & Papers' and 'Faecal Incontinence'

Tripartite 2014: Risk factors for recurrence in perineal rectosigmoidectomy

20 January 2016
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Mia Kim's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014

Tripartite 2014: Female sexual dysfunction after laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy: is choice of mesh important?

16 December 2015
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Does use of a porcine biological mesh reduce incidence of dyspareunia and female sexual dysfunction compared with a synthetic mesh in LVMR over the short term? P Waterland's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014

Tripartite 2014: Clinical outcomes of perineal proctectomy among patients of advanced age

18 November 2015
Presentations, Videos & Papers

Explores if perineal proctectomy should be offered to very elderly patients suffering from rectal prolapse. Christine Jensen's short paper presentation at Tripartite 2014