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22 June 2021

The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI) would like to acknowledge and recognise the importance of the independent review of diversity and inclusion carried out by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC for the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS England).

This review described a lack of diversity and inclusivity within the surgical workforce and our ecosystem as a whole. The review also described the persistent difficulties faced by many women, Black, Asian, minority ethnic, LGBT+ surgeons and surgeons with disabilities.  

RCS England has committed to place diversity at the heart of its strategy and aims to ensure that the College “becomes a truly diverse organisation that can lead by example and champion equality and inclusion within the NHS and the wider surgical community”. 

ACPGBI recognises the need to ensure a more diverse and inclusive surgical leadership. We are clear that an approach to inclusivity will benefit both our surgeons and our patients and lead to tangible improvements to our profession. 

In response to the recommendations made by the Kennedy review we pledge to implement the following action points: 

  1. ACPGBI to have an elected EDI committee with representation for Executive and Council responsibilities.  
  2. ACPGBI will undertake a survey of all our members as well as those who would otherwise qualify for membership to assess diversity at every level and highlight areas in need of reform. 
  3. ACPGBI Council will consider that all potential candidates for the posts of President and Executive committee will be presented to the whole membership for vote.
  1. ACPGBI will take steps to ensure the ACPGBI Leadership and Council membership reflects the diversity of the wider medical workforce. 
  1. ACPGBI will commit to providing professional support for SAS, LTFT members, parents and trainee members and encourage engagement in leadership positions within the Association and progression to consultant status where appropriate.  
  2.  ACPGBI will present an annual report to the membership that includes transparency about all appointment processes.  

7. ACPGBI will continue collaborative work with ASGBI and AUGIS and other specialist surgical associations to maintain the highest surgical professional standards for the benefit of our patients and our members.



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