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Dear Colleague

I am writing to request your contribution in the following focus group discussion: Developing evidence based surgical practice - Investigating Perceptions and Requirements to inform the development of Teaching and Assessment of EBM for trainees in General Surgery

This is part of a Research Project to understand the perceptions and attitudes of Higher General Surgical Trainees towards Evidence Based Surgery (University of Sheffield Ethics Review Reference Number 056808). This is a topic of essence for General Surgical Trainees given the recent changes in the General Surgical Curriculum and ISCP. 

We aim for the discussion to last approximately 45-60 minutes. This is completely optional however, I would appreciate your collaboration. To incentivise participation, all participants will be offered free access to an all-day course on critical appraisal and methodology run by CRAMSURG in the two years following initial implementation of the survey. CRAMSURG is an educational charity aimed at improving understanding and application of critical appraisal and research methodology. The charity has previously run similar courses on critical appraisal and methodology in collaboration with the Association of Surgeons in Training (AsiT) in the UK.  

Please contact Evri on if you wish to participate.


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