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Session 4: Standardisation of Colorectal Robotic Assisted Surgery Training


During this informative session, medical professionals will gain valuable knowledge in the field of robotic assisted surgery, specifically focusing on colorectal procedures. The Dukes' Club Robotic Assisted Surgery Webinar 4 aims to discuss the standardisation of colorectal robotic assisted surgery training, ensuring consistent and superior service delivery for patients. This is an excellent opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends and skills in modern surgical practices. Delve into continued learning and improving your craft with us!

Learning objectives

1. To understand the principles and processes involved in the standardisation of colorectal robotic assisted surgery training.

2. To enhance medical professionals' knowledge on the current practices, protocols and guidelines within the field of colorectal robotic assisted surgery.

3. To facilitate discussions on the challenges and solutions in standardising colorectal robotic assisted surgery training.

4. To equip attendees with necessary skills and techniques required in robotic assisted colorectal surgeries through standardized training methodologies.

5. To raise awareness about the latest technological advancements and how to leverage them for more effective robotic assisted colorectal surgery training.

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Organised by: Dukes' Club of Dukes' Club

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