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Wednesday Programme

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Time Session

Research Session

Chair: Jim Tiernan (Leeds)

An update of ongoing studies and choices of future studies

  • Introduction - Jim Tiernan
  • BRUK Update - Speaker TBC
  • Breaking trials:
    • Sunrise - Richard Wilkin
    • Foxtrot 1 & 2 - Jenny Seligmann
    • PPAC2 - Speaker TBC
    • Rossini - Tom Pinkney
  • The future of PROMS in clinical trials - Tom Pinkney
  • Live Audience Trial Design: Come and design the next ACPGBI research study
  • Wrap up - Jim Tiernan

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Environment

Chairs: Gabrielle Van Ramshorst (Ghent, Belgium), Kiran Altaf

  • International medical graduates and SAS doctors in colorectal surgery: what do we (not) know - Evripidis Tokidis (Sheffield)
  • The hidden cost of mental health on the NHS - Pawan Mathur (London)
  • Diversity and inclusion: perspective from RAF - Wing Commander D Bhasin MBE
  • Perceived obstacles to career success for women in academic colorectal surgery: a nationwide questionnaire-based survey - Sree Mallapa (London)
  • "There is light at the end of the tunnel" video vignette - Peter Kyle (London)
  • Uncomfortable truths which must be spoken: a Q&A session with national EDI experts - Nuha Yassin (Wolverhampton), Tamzin Cuming (London) and Michael Okocha (Bristol)
  • Impact of EDI on patient care and outcomes: a patient’s perspective - Azmina Rose, PLG Representative (London)

Symposium: Emergency General Surgery

Chairs: Gill Tierney (Derby), Osman Chaudhary (London) and James Wheeler

  • Delivery of EGS - Constantinos Simillis (Cambridge)
  • Challenges of the old frail patient - Susan Moug (Glasgow)
  • Minimizing bad outcome - Lyndsay Pearce (Salford)
  • Damage limitation - Doug Bowley (Birmingham)
  • The laparoscope and emergency colorectal surgery: LaCES2 - Deena Harji (Manchester)

Debate: This house believes that a dedicated EGS service is an unnecessary distraction

Chair: Sonia Lockwood (Bradford)

  • For: Tim Cook (Gloucester)
  • Against: Giles Toogood (Leeds)

EYCN: Early Years Consultant Network (logo)Early Years Consultant Network Session

Chairs: Jared Torkington (Cardiff), Katie Adams (London)

  • EYCN Introductions - Katie Adams (London)
  • What I wish I had known when starting as a consultant - Bob Steele (Dundee)
  • Videos of 'What I wished I had known', Consultants; and 'What I hope it to be', Trainees
  • Mentorship corner - 3 mentors
  • Mentorship: Choose your own adventure - Paul Sutton and Ahsan Javed (Liverpool)
  • Mentor certificates and 2023 trailer - Ash Bhalla (Derby)

The Pelvic Floor SocietySymposium: Pelvic Floor for the Coloproctologist

Chairs: Karen Telford (Manchester) Lillian Reza (London) and Kim Gorissen (Oxford)

  • The acutely constipated patient presenting on the emergency take - Tom Dudding (Southampton)
  • The chronic constipated patient - Emma Carrington (London)
  • State of the art update on IBS: the new BSG guidelines - Dipesh Vasant (Manchester)
TBC Lunch break

Awards and Prize-giving


Presidential Handover


Symposium: The Troubles I’ve Seen

Chairs: Nicola Eardley, Shahab Siddiqi

  • What gets folk into trouble - Karen Nugent (Southampton)
  • What gets folk out of trouble - Charles Maxwell-Armstrong, (Nottingham)
  • Keeping sane - Peter McDonald (Northwick Park)
  • And when it really goes badly wrong - Ian Jenkins (London)
  • What you should know about lawyers - Carolynne Vaizey (London)

The Dukes’ Club Lecture

Chair: Panchali Sarmah (Leicester)The Dukes' Club

  • Burnout - Judith Johnson (Leeds)
16:00 Meeting close


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