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Tuesday Programme

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Time Session

The Dukes' Club logoThe Dukes' Club: Trainee Q&A 'No question is stupid'

Panel: Victoria Pegna, Philippa Orchard, Fadlo Shaban


Symposium: Colonoscopy

Chairs: Sarah Mills (London), Katie Cross (Devon)

  • The future of surgical endoscopy - Neil Cripps (Chichester)
  • Endoscopy academies and immersion fellowships: an update - Geeta Menon (London)
  • The future is green: green endoscopy - Bu Hayee (London)
  • How to get trained in advanced interventional colonoscopy - Amyn Haji (London)
  • Artificial intelligence in colonoscopy: how can it help in decision-making - Yuichi Mori (Oslo, Norway)
  • ACPGBI and GIEQs collaboration on colonoscopy - David TateOlympus logo

Symposium: Abdominal Wall

Chairs: Toby Hammond (Chelmsford), Rhiannon Harries (Swansea), David Messenger (Bristol)

  • Managing the open abdomen - Ian Botterill (Leeds)
  • Abdominal component separation technique - Duncan Scrimgeour (Aberdeen)
  • Parastomal hernia (surely they don’t recur) - Ian Daniels (Exeter)
  • Preventing incisional hernias - Jared Torkington (Cardiff)
  • Phone call to transfer the sick post operative septic patient - Neena Randhawa (Newcastle)

ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group

  • Welcome - Robert Arnott, Chair of ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group (Gloucestershire)
  • Setting the scene - Ian Jackson, ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group (East Midlands)
  • Pre-surgery - Susan Moug (Glasgow)
  • Post-surgery and enhanced recovery - James Park (Glasgow)
  • Going home - Cathie King (Highland)
  • The ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group: here to offer advice to professionals and help to fellow patients

Association of Coloproctology Nurses: AGM and Short Paper SessionACPN: The Association of Coloproctology Nurses

Selected Short Papers:

  • Addressing sexual well-being in people living with a permanent stoma, a rapid review of evidence - S Fourie, University of Oxford, King’s College London
  • Important elements of a bowel dysfunction service after rectal cancer surgery: semi-structured patient interviews - J Burch, C Taylor, A Wilson, St Mark’s Hospital London, C NortonKing’s College London
  • Regional differences in CCG referral practice for sacral neuromodulation in patients with faecal incontinence - CL Hides, RL Jones, KS Chapple, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • A qualitative questionnaire-based study to investigate patient preference and barriers for the timing of bowel preparation prior to morning colonoscopy - J Dash, K Siggens, M Baker-Moffatt, L Bombeo, H Downe, S Aslam, H Htet, P Bhandari, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

ACPN Workshop on Stratified follow-up
Pre-registration required


Debate: This House Believes that Diagnostic Colonoscopy is Dying

Chair: Frank Frizelle (Christchurch, New Zealand)

  • For: Baljit Singh (Leicester)
  • Against: Claire McNaught (Harrogate)

ESCP Lecture

  • The evolution of pouch surgery - Antonino Spinelli (Milan, Italy)

Symposium: Anal Cancer

Chairs: Tamzin Cuming (London), Andrew Renehan (Manchester)

  • Better understanding of the risk factors and prevention of anal cancer - Gary Clifford (Lyon, France)
  • Treatment of HSIL: the evidence for benefit from intervention - Tamzin Cuming (London)
  • Personalising treatment for anal cancer: the PLATO trial and the Norwegian stratified approach - Marianne G. Guren (Oslo, Norway)
  • Improving outcomes after treatment of anal cancer and AIN: the mACARA database - Danielle Brogden (London)
  • Measuring standardised outcomes: CORMAC and CORMAC 2 - Rebecca Fish (Manchester)
  • Pre-treatment colostomy and peri-anal fistula in patients with anal cancer - Nooreen Alam

Symposium: Surgery 4.0

Chair: David Jayne (Leeds)

  • In silico trials - Alex Frangi, Diamond Jubilee Chair of Computational Medicine, University of Leeds
  • Virtual and mixed realities - Mark Mon-Williams, Chair of Cognitive Psychology, University of Leeds
  • Digital health and digital twins - David King, Head of Digital Design, Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre, Sheffield
  • Robotics - Moshen Khadem

Colorectal Techno Dragon's Den

Panel: Dion Morton (Birmingham), Sue Clark (London), Charles Evans (Coventry), Doug Speake (Edinburgh)


Symposium: Liver Mets - what can be achieved

Chairs: Raj Prasad (Leeds), Anya Adair (Edinburgh)

  • Current status of liver resection for colorectal mets - Raaj Praseedom (Cambridge)
  • Transplantation and liver mets - Krish Menon (London)
13:00-14:00 Lunch break

Intuitive logoIndustry lunchtime session


Symposium: Intraoperative Challenges and Disasters

Chair: Sharmila Gupta (Colchester), Julian Hance (Leeds)

  • Penetrating and blunt abdominal trauma - Stella Smith (Manchester)
  • Tips and tricks to control massive bleeding - Kate Hancorn (London)
  • Laparoscopic errors and stapling failures - Tom Cecil (Basingstoke)
  • The call to the gynaecology theatre - Des Barton (Dartford)
  • The call to the obstetric theatre - Julie Cornish (Cardiff)
  • Get It Right First Time (GIRFT) - Mark Cheetham (Shrewsbury)

Symposium: Robotics

Chairs: Nuha Yassin (Wolverhampton), Josh Burke (Leeds), Ken Campbell (Dundee)

  • MAS and rectal cancer - Henry Tilney (Frimley Park)
  • Intracorporeal anastomosis - Irshad Shaikh (Norwich)
  • Robot is key to low anterior resection - Jim Khan (Portsmouth)
  • Getting trained and setting up a service/introducing a new department - Deena Harji (Manchester)
  • Multivisceral resection + RPLN/PSW dissection - Paris Tekkis (London)

BJS logoBJS Lecture

  • Diverticular disease: who gets recurrence and why: the role of microbiome - Frank Frizelle (Christchurch, New Zealand)

    Symposium: Today’s Proctocology Clinic

    Chairs: Phil Tozer (London), Lillian Reza (London)

    • The evidence is piling up - Ciaran Walsh (The Wirral)
    • What I want for my ‘roids - Jamshed Shabbir (Bristol)
    • Troublesome pilonidal disease - Steve Brown (Sheffield)
    • All you need to know about sex (ually transmitted disease) - Ruth Taylor (Nottingham)
    • I’m itching to talk about this… - Jennie Grainger (Chester)

    Symposium: Publish or Perish

    Chairs: Neil Smart (Exeter), Gabrielle van Ramshorst (Ghent, Belgium)

    • An editor's view - Martyn Evans (Swansea)
    • Peer reviewing: top tips and tricks of the trade - Yasuko Maeda (Glasgow)
    • Writing English - Frank McDermott (Exeter)
    • The faking research wars - John Carlisle (Torbay)
    • Research fraud - Frank Frizelle (Christchurch, New Zealand)

    Consultants' Corner

    Chairs: Jared Torkington (Cardiff), Laura Hancock (Manchester)

    Panel: Frank Frizelle (Christchurch, New Zealand), Gill Tierney (Derby), Dorin Ziyaie (Dundee), Dale Vimalachandran (Chester)


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