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Qualifications: BSc (1989), MBChB (1992), PhD (2000), FRCS (2005)

GMC Number: 3585016

Clinical Areas of Interest: Advanced colorectal malignancy, Anal cancer, Bowel cancer, Colorectal resection, Lower GI endoscopy and Minimally invasive procedures

Regional Chapter: South Western


Mr Rob Longman BSc MBChB PhD FRCS Consultant Colorectal Surgeon University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT) Honorary Senior Lecturer University of Bristol Associate Clinical Director Vesalius Clinical Training Centre Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy University of Bristol Rob Longman was appointed as a colorectal consultant surgeon at UHBFT in 2006 after completion of his surgical training in the UK, USA and Canada. In 2009 he was appointed lead for colorectal cancer at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. His clinical interests are in laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery, anal cancer surgery, and complex endometriosis surgery. As an honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol he was appointed, in 2009, as the Clinical Director of the Vesalius Clinical Training Centre – an innovative, world-class facility for delivering and developing novel training methods for surgical operations and procedures, and a centre for translational research in surgical care. He has key roles in delivering surgical simulated training and human factors training locally, nationally and internationally. He has lead the development of simulated surgical teaching and training course development for the Severn Deanery Postgraduate School of Surgery between 2009 and 2014. Between 2014 and 2018 he was appointed as the Training Programme Director for General Surgery in the southwest of England. He has been member of the ACPGBI's Training and Education committee since 2013 and a member of the Joint Committee for Surgical Training's Simulation Working Group since 2012. Rob Longman has been a national mentor for the Department of Health's Lapco and Lorec initiatives aimed at improving existing consultant colorectal surgeons' operative performance. Since 2018, Rob Longman has been Head of School of Surgery for Health Education England south west (Severn Deanery). He was awarded a PhD in surgical sciences research, from the University of Bristol in 2000, and was appointed a Hunterian Professor, by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, for his work on mucosal protection in the large bowel. He has active research interests in colorectal cancer and surgical education. Since 2001, when he co-devised the UK’s first Enhanced Recovery Programme randomised controlled trials, he has continued research interests into the delivery of enhanced surgical care for patients with colorectal disease.