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Qualifications: MSc advanced nursing practice (2009), BSc advanced nursing practice (2003), Diploma in nursing (1998)

Clinical Areas of Interest: Service provision and quality of care

Regional Chapter: North East Thames


Colorectal and Anal Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist / London Cancer Network (LCN) Colorectal Cancer Lead Nurse / Honorary Senior Lecture City University Jacquie has been in post as the Colorectal and Anal Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist since January 2004, NLCN Colorectal Lead post in 2009 and Honorary Senior Lecturer at City University in 2011. Having qualified from St Bartholomew’s in 1998 she went to work in the Meyerstein institute of Oncology at the Middlesex Hospital covering both the inpatient wards and eventually the inpatient chemotherapy nurse before leaving to assist in the set up of the gynae-oncology surgical ward at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital as the deputy ward sister. After commencing her BSc she developed in interest in fungating wound care and then researched Radiotherapy Skin care and symptom distress as part of her MSc. Her current post was a new combined oncology / surgical post at UCLH and since has strived to improve patient care at UCLH. During the post she has developed databases to manage the patient care from suspected cancer referral to the 5 years of follow-up and is involved in research to improve ways of diagnosing colorectal cancer and managing symptoms