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Qualifications: General Surgery (2019), Colorectal Surgery (2020)

GMC Number: 7838913

Clinical Areas of Interest: Abscess, fistula and fissures, Advanced colorectal malignancy, Anal cancer, Bowel cancer, Colorectal resection, Emergency general surgery, IBD and other colitides, Minimally invasive procedures and Obstructed defection

Regional Chapter: East Anglia


Gained my MD in 2013 and my accreditation as a General Surgeon in 2019 in Belgium. Did a Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery in a major quaternary academic centre (University Hospitals Leuven) with a broad and deep exposure in colorectal malignancies, advanced malignancies, IBD, proctology and functional bowel issues. Continued my post CCT experience in the UK at Cambridge University Hospital with a focus on advanced colorectal cancers and anal cancer, but also further deepening the experience in IBD, proctology, functional bowel issues and EGS. This has led me to a full time locum consultant position at Cambridge University Hospital allowing me to apply all of my experience and interests.


Primary Address (Hospital)

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Rd
United Kingdom