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Qualifications: FRCSI (2003), FEBS/Coloproctology (2018), FEBS/Gen.Surgery (2012), Diploma in Laparoscopy (2007), MBBS (1987)

GMC Number: 5184948

Regional Chapter: East Anglia


I have worked in variety of surgical specialities, I have Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, I have passed Fellowship in General Surgery (European Surgical Board) , I have passed Fellowship in Coloproctology (European Board of Coloproctology) I have also done Diploma in Laparoscopy University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, France. I started surgical training in Teaching / University Hospital in Pakistan then moved to Europe worked in Gibraltar, Ireland Republic worked in University Hospital in almost all disciplines of surgery currently working in United Kingdom since August 2013. I fell that an ability to communicate well is a fundamental requirement of a Doctor. I have always enjoyed a good rapport with both patients and Colleagues. I have confidence in my own decision taking and feel that I respond well to challenges. I have the ability to take responsibility and show leadership qualities. I am open and accountable for my actions and embrace the Opportunity to learn from complications that inevitability arises from time to time. I recognize the importance of Evidence based medicine practice and the Value of Clinical Audit.