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Qualifications: Doctor of Medicine (1998)

GMC Number: 7038593

Clinical Areas of Interest: Bowel cancer, Colorectal resection, Diverticular disease, Early rectal cancer and Minimally invasive procedures

Regional Chapter: Wessex


Mr Di Fabio is a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Basingstoke North Hampshire Hospital – Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Mr Di Fabio is involved in the management of patients with rectal cancer and he runs a dedicated Rectal Cancer Clinic. His clinical expertise also includes management of patients with significant colorectal polyps, diverticular disease, incisional hernia, haemorrhoids, anal fistula, pilonidal disease, obstructive defecation syndrome and pelvic floor dysfunction. He regularly performs laparoscopic colorectal surgery, Transanal Endoscopic Micro-Surgery (TEMS), Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) and colonoscopy. In 2018 he set up a dedicated Significant Polyp and Early Colo Rectal Cancer (SPECC) Multidisciplinary Team Meeting to support clinicians and patients in the decision-making process. Mr Di Fabio has published numerous papers on colorectal cancer, peritoneal malignancy, enhanced recovery after surgery and patient-reported outcome measures (quality of life and bowel function after colorectal surgery). Mr Di Fabio graduated from the University of Brescia School of Medicine (Italy) in 1998. He trained at the University of Brescia, University Hospital Southampton and has been Senior Laparoscopic and Peritoneal Malignancy Fellow at Basingstoke North Hampshire Hospital. Mr Di Fabio has been clinical fellow at the Philipps University Hospital, Marburg, Germany (2002 and 2004). He has been a research fellow at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2006-2007) focusing on colorectal cancer research. He was awarded a PhD and Doctor Europaeus in Translational Biomedical Sciences at University of Verona, Italy. He is a Fellow of the European Board of Coloproctology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.


Primary Address (Hospital)

Basingstoke North Hampshire Hospital
Aldermaston Road
RG24 9NA
United Kingdom