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Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology (Gastrointestinal) (2006), BSc (Hons) Applied Physiology and Pharmacology (2000)

Other Number: CS022039

Clinical Areas of Interest: Anorectal physiological tests, Anterior resection syndrome, Functional disorders, Obstructed defection and Sacral nerve stimulation

Regional Chapter: South Western


Competent to calibrate, conduct and report physiological measurements as an independent practitioner on the gastrointestinal tract on adults. Anorectal Physiology studies – Sphincter and rectal manometry (including paediatrics) Biofeedback and Bowel Management (including paediatrics) Hydrogen Breath Tests – Glucose, Lactose, Lactulose, Sucrose and Fructose Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation Programming sacral nerve stimulation Assessor and station writer for OSFA examinations for GI Physiologists