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Qualifications: MBBS (2010), MS General Surgery (2017)

GMC Number: 7648805

Regional Chapter: East Anglia


I am ISTP trainee through the Royal collage of surgeons England who is currently posted to the West Suffolk hospital as an surgical registrar ST3+ since August 2018. I have completed working one year in Upper GI surgery . I have a strong motivation to pursue colorectal surgery as a sub specialty . During my training in India i realized that there is no structured training program in colo rectal surgery and proctology though we were exposed to a good spectrum to benign and malignant colorectal diseases . This was my primary motivation to come to UK through he ISTP to get training in colorectal surgery. I have greatly benefited by getting trained in UK and want to further improve my surgical skills and services . I am also registered with UEA's Masters programme in Colo proctology and am due to start in September 2019. I have strong interpersonal and communication skills and believe in good team work. I feel strongly to apply new innovations and ideas to my surgical practice .