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Qualifications: FEBS (Coloproctology) (2018), FECSM (2018), Phd (2014), MD (2004)

GMC Number: 7685686

Clinical Areas of Interest: Advanced colorectal malignancy, Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC, Minimally invasive procedures, Outcomes and quality of life and Reconstructive surgery

Regional Chapter: International


From an early stage in my surgical training, I focused on oncological and gastrointestinal surgery. It became evident to me that most specialists were not trained to function in multidisciplinary surgical resections, such as pelvic exenteration and debulking surgery. The Dutch Cancer Society funded my fellowship ‘Surgical, functional and reconstructive treatment of pelvic tumours - a multidisciplinary approach’. I gained extensive experience with tertiary oncological urology, oncological gynaecology and pelvic exenteration surgery at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. My training in oncological gynaecology was focused on ovarian, endometrium and (regrowth) cervix cancer. I was also trained in laparoscopic colorectal surgery and HIPEC surgery at Amsterdam UMC-VUMC. After my fellowship, I accepted an offer to work as a locum consultant surgical oncology at Glasgow Royal Infirmary with a focus on advanced abdominopelvic oncology (oncological gynaecology and colorectal cancer) and minimally invasive surgery. As per October 2019, I am working as a consultant surgical oncologist at the University Hospital in Ghent, Belgium focussing on complex colorectal cancer and oncological gynaecology.


Primary Address (Hospital)

Ghent University Hospital
Corneel Heymanslaan 10