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Outcome Data

Understanding the outcome information

Understanding the data can be a difficult task if you are not sure what you are looking for. These helpful guides and video will show how to pick out various information:

Interactive Guide
Interactive Guide

Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath

Trust rate of major resection 71%
Trust case ascertainment 32%
Trust length of stay (over 5 days) N/A
Proportion of colonic resections with ≥12 lymph nodes reported N/A
Reported negative circumferential rectal resection margin rate N/A
Number of major rectal resections performed at Trust N/A
Proportion of rectal resections with complete CRM data N/A

N/A: Not available as data submitted for <10 patients. Outcome data for the following surgeon(s) include patients who underwent surgery in other Trusts: Heena Patel, Parvinderpal Sains. No cases were entered into the Audit during the year 2018-2019 for the following surgeon(s): Parvinderpal Sains, Etienne Moore, Heena Patel, Mokthar Uheba

Mortality by trust

Readmission by trust

Mortality by surgeon

Name GMC Code Procedures Deaths Adj. 90-day mortality rate ACPGBI Member
Etienne Moore 4215466 101 1 0.9% Yes
Marc Lamah 3265831 81 2 2.7% Yes
Jeremy Clark 4036702 69 1 1.5% No
Heena Patel 4719214 67 2 3% No
Mokthar Uheba 3524965 66 2 2.8% No
Parvinderpal Sains 4195328 28 0 0% No