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Dear Colleagues

The BSG endoscopy committee recognises the challenge faced by all those professional groups involved in the delivery of a high-quality endoscopy service in the United Kingdom.

We work on a daily basis with highly motivated colleagues not only in Gastroenterology but other specialities, but also within a diverse workforce including clinical endoscopists, nursing teams, managerial and administration staff each of which is truly interdependent on each other for the delivery of high-quality appropriate endoscopy care.

BSG Endoscopy is committed to developing a sustainable partnership in endoscopy with leaders in the NHS, other specialist professional societies across all four home nations and JAG.

We are passionate in supporting our trainees to achieve their ambitions and recognise the importance of their contribution to the future delivery of endoscopy in the UK.

 If we are to achieve our shared ambition for endoscopy - a first-class ,appropriate diagnostic and therapy focused service across the UK - we need you, and we need to know what you want to contribute to our joint vision for the future.

It is a pleasure to introduce an ambitious initiative to survey the entire UK adult endoscopy workforce in 2023.

Can we ask for 3 minutes of your time to complete this anonymous survey to help us understand how we can support you and your endoscopy unit for the future?

The results of this survey will inform planning and improvement of endoscopy services, ensuring a sustainable workforce delivering high quality care for our patients.

Please only complete the survey once, and forward to any colleagues in all areas of endoscopy, who might not have received it via other routes. Our shared goal is to reach out and maximise the response to the survey, it really will make a difference to know your views!


With many thanks

John Morris                      

Vice President Endoscopy
British Society of Gastroenterology

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