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The results of the CReST trial were presented at the ASCO meeting in Chicago in June of this year by our President in Waiting, Jim Hill, who also led the CReST trial collaborative group.

ASCO is the most important forum for the presentation of oncological trials and CReST was selected in the category of 'Best of ASCO'. CReST was a truly collaborative study; 39 units randomised patients and each unit required multi-disciplinary input from surgeons, radiologists and research nurses. It is the largest stenting trial worldwide and demonstrates what we can achieve within ACPGBI with a collaborative approach. In summary, the trial demonstrated that, in patients fit enough to undergo surgery, stenting reduces stoma formation without a detrimental effect on one year survival: . The Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit have again demonstrated their ability to deliver a high quality randomised trial in colorectal surgery, and the trial organisers would like to reiterate their thanks to all units who contributed to this study. The trial paper will be submitted shortly and will be published in the name of the CReST collaborative group. Quite apart from the game-changing end points, this study has also confirmed that patients have a positive attitude to clinical trials as 70% of those approached agreed to be randomised into this study. The 'CReST: Stenting vs Surgery for Malignant Large Bowel Obstruction' trial will be presented at the ACPGBI Annual Meeting in Edinburgh (Monday 4th July during the Plenary Research Session) ACPGBI Annual Meeting Edinburgh 4-6 July 2016

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