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Diverticular disease is common and is the subject of 1 in 3 patient enquiries to Core, yet it is a relatively neglected area of research. This joint call from Core and Bowel & Cancer Research, under the umbrella of the Diverticular Research Campaign, is motivated by a desire to change that. Appropriate applications for development award funding may range from basic and translational science to research for patient benefit, including but not limited to:
  • Pathogenesis (including role of the microbiome and other mechanisms and relationship to IBS)
  • development and validation of robust assessment tools, symptomatology and clinical impact
  • early phase assessments of new therapeutic approaches
  • comparison of currently available treatments or their appropriate deployment, including appropriate selection and use of surgical techniques.
Proposals need not be narrowly focused on diverticular disease as long as they have the realistic potential to advance understanding or management of this condition. For this call there is a maximum of £80,000 available for two awards. Funded projects should be completed within 18 months of commencing. This call is only open to UK applicants. We will fund only the direct costs associated with the project and will not fund overhead allocation or other indirect costs, including senior or supervisory posts which are already covered by HEFCE, or other, funding. We will not fund equipment or capital costs. Applicants must have established academic positions. In assessing proposals equal weight will be given to the intrinsic merits of the application and to the chances that the research will lead to a further successful application for more substantial funding. It is hoped successful applications will spearhead further fundraising. The deadline for applications is 5pm on 3rd February 2016. To download the application form and guidelines please visit:

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