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Our history

The first Annual Meeting of the ACPGBI was held on 9 March 1990 in the General Hospital in Birmingham with Mr Geoff Oates as the first President. 62 people attended.
The Association's first President, Mr Geoff Oates
ACPGBI’s first President, Mr Geoff Oates

Ten years later in July 2000, the Annual Meeting with Professor John Nicholls as President was attended by over 900 delegates. The total membership is now almost 1,300. The growth of the association reflects the importance of coloproctology within the field of gastroenterology. Coloproctology is not just about surgeons, it is a specialty comprising physicians, oncologists, pathologists and radiologists with specialist nurse support essential to the management of this group of patients with disorders of the large bowel and anus.

An important feature of the growth of the association has been the development of the regional chapters. Each chapter is represented on Council by a chapter representative elected from within the membership of the chapter. The role of the chapter representative is to arrange local chapter meetings and to represent the chapter within the region at all political levels.

The remaining members of Council are the officers and chairs of the Multidisciplinary Clinical, Education and Training, External Affairs, Research and Audit, Patient Liason Group and Independent Healthcare committees. The Dukes’ Club, the Association of Coloproctology Nurses and the Bowel Disease Research Foundation also have representation on Council together with a representative of the oncology and radiology community.

The association produces its own journal, Colorectal Disease, in close association with Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. The first edition was published in January 1999 and now it is the premier European journal in this field.

The ACPGBI recognises that it has a responsibility to develop the specialty of coloproctology while remaining mindful of the needs of the population that it serves.

Geoff Oates Obituary (426kB)

Geoff Oates Medal

Geoff Oates was our inaugural President in 1990.  Sadly he passed away in 2013.  In recognition of the legacy he leaves behind and the thriving Society he co-created it was decided to offer a medal to a person considered by the Executive to have contributed substantially to the growth and success of the Association and to the practice of Coloproctology as a whole.  It is anticipated that this award will only be given out in exceptional circumstances.  Any awards will be announced at the Annual meeting.

Geoff Oates Memorial Medal Award Recipients 

2020 Miss Asha Senapati 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (Edinburgh Fringe)
2019 Miss Anne T O’Mara Retirement Celebration, 14 October 2019
2019 Mr Graham Williams 2019 Annual Meeting, Dublin
2018 Mrs Jo Church Research Sandpit event 30 November 2018
RCS England
2016 Mr George Foster 2016 Annual Meeting, Edinburgh
2014 Professor John Nicholls Tripartite Colorectal Meeting, Birmingham