Welcome to the Patient and Public site of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.

This is a website for professionals who work in Coloproctology, which covers problems of the lower part of the intestine or bowel, and who are members of this surgical association. However, patients are very welcome to use the open information sources available through this website.

Whilst being mostly a surgical association covering cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, functional and pelvic floor disorders, haemorrhoids (piles), fissures and infections and irritable bowel syndrome, it also includes some small bowel conditions further up the intestine and liver disease arising from cancer.

The care of colorectal patients is undertaken by a multidisciplinary team, which includes oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, microbiologists, endoscopists and specialist nurses, as well as medical and surgical gastroenterologists. They are all a vital part of the team in the broad area of Colorectal Disease. Some of these groups have representatives who attend Council meetings of the Association but all these professionals combine their skills in the treatment of colorectal patients.

The Association seeks to promote the prevention, care and cure of colorectal disease in GB and Ireland through education and training, supporting research and improving clinical standards for its members for the benefit of patients by providing high quality treatments. It seeks to reduce inequalities across the nation and promote greater consistency in delivering high quality patient care nationally.

We cannot answer patients’ questions about their own medical care. The work of the Patient Liaison Group (PLG) of the Association who populate this Patient area is aimed at improving care for all patients with colorectal disease with a focus on such areas as communications skills, consistency of care nationally, information provision and the general process of care for patients collectively.

All personal medical and clinical issues which affect you as an individual are best directed to your own doctors, nurses and clinical team.

You may be searching for particular information such as the Specialists’ Directory, where you can find out if your surgeon is a member of this specialist association, Surgeon Outcomes or wish to donate to research on bowel conditions via the Bowel Disease Research Foundation (BDRF), which is the fundraising and research arm of the Association. All these can be reached from links on the Association home page. There are guidelines and other articles of interest as well as a section for nurses. The “About” link at the top of the home page will take you through to information on the aims and objectives of this surgical association, its Council members and the work of its committees.

You will also find information on a number of other websites and we provide links to some of these on this site.

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