Welcome to the Patient and Public site of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.

The Association has a Patient Liaison Group (PLG) who provide a patient and public voice to the Association. They act as a resource for the Association to deliver a professional service to meet the current and future needs of colorectal patients, and continuously to improve patient care.

The PLG represents and champions the priorities of patients and highlights patients’ communications, information and physical and emotional support needs, so that patients can make the very best decisions about their treatment and have a good experience during their care process, as well as good clinical outcomes at the end of treatment.

The PLG can raise areas of patient concern with the Association and responds to requests to provide views, comments and written commentaries for a patient readership for use by the Association, both for its own members and for an external professional and public audience. In this way, the PLG seeks to inform patients and the public about colorectal issues and their impact on patient care and the public.

Composed of four lay people, the PLG is entirely voluntary and unpaid. The majority of its members have considerable experience both as patients with colorectal disease and also in patient support groups. There are strict Terms of Reference to ensure that the Group acts in the best interests of patients at all times and as independent private individuals, so that they can voice honest and critical opinions both to the Association and to other external committees.

Some examples of the work of the PLG includes:

  • Attendance at Association Council meetings.
  • As members of Association committees which set standards of care.
  • The Annual Conference.
  • Responding to Consultations with the Association, such as changes to the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.
  • Membership of the Project Board and Clinical Advisory Board for the National Bowel Cancer Audit.
  • Patient Group (Delphi) involved in prioritising Research.
  • The Clinical Reference Group for Specialised Colorectal Services, which advises NHS commissioners.
  • By invitation to other groups preparing Guidelines and other documents.
  • The preparation of patient leaflets.

“As a long term carer, I have come to appreciate the importance of constructive dialogue between patients and their surgeons and clinical team. A Patient Liaison Group in the pursuit of benefit to patients and their supporters, which ensures that it provides an independent, honest and critical view to a wide audience at all times, can offer a fresh view from those immersed in a healthcare environment, where resources and time are often in short supply”

Jo church

Jo Church

You can contact the PLG via info@acpgbi.org.uk

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