IBD Surgical Outcome Registry

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust


Trust rate of major resection 96 %
Trust case ascertainment 113 %
Trust length of stay (over 5 days) 55 %
Proportion of colonic resections with >=12 lymph nodes reported 76 %
Reported negative circumferential rectal resection margin rate 100 %
Number of major rectal resections performed at Trust 22
Proportion of rectal resections with complete CRM data 100 %

The proportion of colonic resections with >=12 lymph nodes and the reported negative circumferential rectal resection margin rate may be lower than expected due to incomplete data submission. (See note)

Explanatory Notes:

Outcome data for the following surgeon(s) include patients who underwent surgery in other Trusts: Alaa Abdelbaky. More than 10% of cases submitted for the following surgeon(s) could not be linked to ONS data: Trifonas Papettas, James Francombe, Martin Osborne, Karen Busby, Khedar Ramcharan

Mortality by trust

Readmission by trust

Mortality by surgeon

Name GMC code Procedures Deaths Adj. 90-day
mortality rate
ACPGBI surgeon *
Khedar Ramcharan 4541424 78 0 0 Yes
Karen Busby 3541416 72 1 1.7 Yes
Trifonas Papettas 6077534 53 0 0 No
Alaa Abdelbaky 4588539 39 2 4.4 Yes
James Francombe 3545056 39 2 4.9 No
Martin Osborne 2602394 37 1 1.7 No
* This denotes whether this surgeon is a member of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.