IBD Surgical Outcome Registry

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

The IMPERIAL COLLEGE HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST incorporates Charing Cross Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital Paddington, and Hammersmith Hospital in London.

Trust rate of major resection 90 %
Trust case ascertainment 67 %
Trust length of stay (over 5 days) 70 %
Proportion of colonic resections with >=12 lymph nodes reported 94 %
Reported negative circumferential rectal resection margin rate 92 %
Number of major rectal resections performed at Trust 26
Proportion of rectal resections with complete CRM data 100 %

The proportion of colonic resections with >=12 lymph nodes and the reported negative circumferential rectal resection margin rate may be lower than expected due to incomplete data submission. (See note)

Explanatory Notes:

Outcome data for the following surgeon(s) include patients who underwent surgery in other Trusts: Ara Darzi. More than 10% of cases submitted for the following surgeon(s) could not be linked to ONS data: Paraskevas Paraskeva

Mortality by trust

Readmission by trust

Mortality by surgeon

Name GMC code Procedures Deaths Adj. 90-day
mortality rate
ACPGBI surgeon *
Paul Ziprin 3615223 119 2 1.3 No
Paraskevas Paraskeva 4103512 114 2 1.6 No
George Reese 6027779 110 2 2.1 Yes
James Kinross 6029260 49 1 1.7 Yes
Alexander Von Roon 6027268 39 2 4.2 Yes
Jamie Murphy 6064785 36 0 0 Yes
Ara Darzi 3024252 23 0 0 No
* This denotes whether this surgeon is a member of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.