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30 November 2020

Colorectal Goes Viral 4 “Things can only get better”

Can better techniques and innovation improve outcome in proctology?
Proctology makes up a significant proportion of the workload of colorectal surgery and yet it does not get the attention it should; a Cinderella component of our workload If done badly it results in unhappy patients and surgeons.If given due attention results can be extremely rewarding.The specialty is so rife with innovation it is difficult to keep track. And yet the evidence base is poor for most. We have 3 International experts to walk us through their practice and give insights to the management of haemorrhoids, fistulae and anal pain and 3 UK panellists to challenge and push for those golden practical tips and tricks.

22 October 2020
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RCSEd/ACPGBI Key aspects to consider in the management of appendix pathologies – Date of broadcast 26th February 2020

This webinar will cover diagnosis and management of conditions involving the appendix ranging from the common to the rare and atypical. It will also cover challenging cases, difficulties encountered at surgery, and potential treatment strategies. The presentation will include key aspects of management of early and advanced appendiceal tumours that are relevant to surgeons in training, general, and colorectal surgeons.

06 August 2020
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Plenary Session 6: TIME talk, Research Symposium and Dukes’ Club Keynote: Wednesday 8 July 2020 at 3pm

The first plenary on Wednesday 8th July at 3pm opened with the final TIME talk from Tamzin Cuming on “An eagle's eye, a lion's heart, and a lady's hand”. The Research Symposium followed and the session closed with the Dukes' Keynote Lecture from Nancy Baxter, Toronto & Melbourne entitled “Reflections on a career training tomorrow’s colorectal surgeons”.

05 August 2020
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Plenary Session 4: TIME talk, Pelvic Floor Symposium &TPFS Keynote: Tuesday 7th July at 3 pm

The Pelvic Floor Society hosted a plenary at 3pm on Tuesday 7th July. Charles Knowles delivered a TIME talk on “Three chords and the truth”. The pelvic floor symposium concentrated on LARS and RVF with patients David Jillings and Sarah Squire spoke about their experiences alongside experts Ian Bissett, Auckland and Carolynne Vaizey. TPFS Keynote lecture was delivered by Liliana Bordeianou, from Boston on “Measuring pelvic floor symptoms with patient-reported instruments”.