Bowel Disease Research Foundation

ACPGBI offers bursaries through our sister organisation the Bowel Disease Research Foundation (BDRF) which funds practically-oriented research across Great Britain and Ireland.

Bowel Disease Research Foundation

BDRF aims to increase understanding while delivering direct and demonstrable improvements in the treatment of and survival rates for people with a bowel disease (such as bowel cancer, IBD, bowel incontinence).

Applications are invited from all bowel disease practitioners and specialisms. Bids received are evaluated by peer review to ensure only the highest-quality projects are approved. BDRF gives priority to projects that offer real hopes of progress for existing patients.

You can find more information about BDRF-funded projects on the BDRF website.

BDRF have produced an excellent video (below) which explains how health professionals and patients decided on its research priorities, and how you can support the research through donations.