Young Coloproctologist of the Year Award

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This award is designed to identify and highlight colorectal trainees nationally who have been outstanding throughout their training and have shown excellence in the areas of re-search and academia, leadership or education and training. This initiative provides a plat-form to recognise and encourage talent amongst colorectal trainees. In the in the event of more than one applicant interviews will be taking place at the Advanced Coloproctology Course in Sheffield on Thursday 26th March 2020

I am delighted to receive this award from the ACPGBI. The competition – largely from close friends – was stiff and at the highest level. The process proved to be quite therapeutic as a two-page application form forces one to focus on what has been, and what will be, important. 

Aneel Bhangu
Young Coloproctologist of the Year 2018

Nature of the Award

The successful candidate will receive a certificate and be awarded free registration to the 2020 annual meeting of the Association of Colopoctology of Great Britain & Ireland.   The certificate will be presented at the annual meeting.

The closing date for applications for the 2020 award is 5 pm on Friday, 7th February 2020

Nomination Criteria

Candidates for the Young Coloproctologist Award must fulfil the following criteria:

  • ST7 and above
  • Must hold a national training number
  • Must be a member of the ACPGBI

Nomination Process

Applicants must be supported by an Ordinary Member of the ACPGBI. One Ordinary Member may support a maximum of 2 candidates.

Each applicant must submit a

  • two A4 page Curriculum Vitae
  • supporting letter from Ordinary Member of the ACPGBI
  • supporting letter from Training Programme Director

Scoring Criteria

Research and Academia

Up to 7 points

  • Markers of Esteem (Prizes/Awards/Conference Activity etc.)
  • Evidence of independent research (Last Authorship, Grant income)

Up to 5 points

  • Publication quality and quantity

Up to 3 points

  • Academic training record including higher degrees (MD/PhD)


Up to 7 points

  • National or International role in a committee or consensus group (e.g. Trainee Representative for Royal College Council, Dukes’ Club Committee, ASiT Council)
  • Pivotal local role in management or leadership leading to significant changes in clinical practice (i.e. guideline development, quality improvement project)
  • Higher qualifications in management/leadership (e.g. MBA)

Up to 5 points

  • Evidence of significant leadership/management role at regional or national level
  • Evidence of output in change management/quality improvement programme

Up to 3 points

  • Evidence of CPD in leadership and management courses
  • Local involvement in leadership and management issues (e.g. rota co-ordinator, development of induction programme)

Education and Training

Up to 7 points:

  • Developed and led National/regional Education and Training programme
  • Higher qualifications in education
  • Educational research/publication/presentations

Up to 5 points

  • Pivotal role in regional training programme/skills course development
  • Key education roles locally
  • Significant educational CPD

Up to 3 points

  • Training in teaching methodology
  • Course development local level

 Review Process

Each applicant will be scored as above by members of the ACPGBI CEA Committee.  The applicants achieving the highest score may be offered an interview.  The interview panel will consist of the Chair of the CEA Committee, at least one member of the Executive and one lay person.

The closing date for applications for the 2020 award is 5 pm on Friday, 7th February 2020

Applications must be emailed to [email protected]

Addressed to
Charles Maxwell-Armstrong
Honorary Secretary
The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland
@ The Royal College of Surgeons of England
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London  WC2A 3PE