Latest Research Published on alicaforsen – Potential New Drug for IBD

Posted 20 December 2017 in

At the start of December, a team of leading Swiss gastroenterologists specialising in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease published positive outcomes on 12 patients that had received alicaforsen enema to treat patients experiencing a flare of ulcerative colitis or proctitis.

The results are consistent with previous publications and studies of alicaforsen enema, that a 6-week, once-a-day course can be effective, is safe, and provides a durable response.

This publication reports that a 6-week once-a-day course of alicaforsen enema was safe in all patients, and effective at treating disease in 10 of the 12 patients, providing a durable response which kept patients in remission and flare-free for a median of 18 weeks .

See article on Karger Website

This latest data builds on earlier treatment outcomes from the same group, which assessed 13 pouchitis patients taking alicaforsen enema. This research also noted that alicaforsen was safe, effective, with durable responses

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Atlantic Healthcare  is currently recruiting pouchitis patients to a Phase 3 clinical study of alicaforsen. The trial is open to pouchitis patients currently in flare that have failed to adequately respond to one or more courses of antibiotics, or are contra-indicated to antibiotics. The clinical trial is currently recruiting at centres of excellence across the UK, Europe, and North America.

Further information about the study, and participation, is available on the Atlantic Healthcare website.