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Transanal TME

Posted 05 March 2020 in

ACPGBI is working with the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service at Public Health England to look at outcomes for patients who have been treated with transanal TME. Could we ask all our members to please update both their caseload and any incomplete data items for patients previously entered on to the International TaTME Registry?

NICE Interventional Procedures Guidance IPG514 on transanal total mesorectal excision issued in 2015 made contribution of data to the Registry a mandatory requirement.

ACPGBI fully endorsed this requirement in guidance to our members in 2016

We are also seeking TWO ACPGBI Consultant members with an interest in transanal TME to join the steering group to help undertake this review.

Interested applicants should submit a short statement (max one side A4) of why they should be considered for the position HERE

Applications will be put to Council for voting using a single transferable voting system. The closing date is Monday 16th March at 12 noon.