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The Delphi Games 2015: Let the Games begin!

Posted 04 March 2015 in

Delphi Research Agenda

The ACPGBI undertook a broad survey of our membership in 2014 using modified Delphi methodology to establish the research questions of greatest current importance in looking after patients with bowel disease. This project was funded by the Bowel Disease Research Foundation. Our members submitted over 500 research questions in the first round and then cast more than 400 votes subsequently in later rounds. We now have a priority list of 15 cancer and 10 non-cancer research questions published in our journal Colorectal Disease 16 p965-70 .

Over 50 clinicians and researchers applied to become Delphi Champions in building national teams to lead the ACPGBI’s research agenda. The chosen Champions will meet at the Royal College of Surgeons in London with facilitators, research partners and methodologists at a series of Delphi Games throughout 2015.

A patient consultation exercise has been arranged on 26th March 2015 (read more) to give vital patient perspective to the Delphi research questions ahead of the Games. Industry funding has also been secured to train Delphi Champions in project management skills.

Let the Games begin!