Surgical input required into a clinical decision support tool for specialist services

Posted 11 March 2016 in

NHS England has advised commissioners that specialist services should be implementing  ‘Clinical utilisation review and management systems’ (CURM) as part of inpatient care. CURM aids clinicians in assessing whether the patient is receiving the right treatment, is in the right bed and having both at the right time. It provides real-time evidence-based clinical decision support at the bedside.

NHS England has instituted a financial lever for this implementation in the form of a CQUIN for specialist services.

NHS England have granted four providers the opportunity to supply these systems within the NHS:

  • Hearst Health
  • McKesson
  • Medworxx
  • The Oak Group

McKesson UK is a subsidiary of McKesson Corporation healthcare, a US based technology solutions and services provider, specialising in Workforce information technology. They have approached the College asking for UK surgeons to ‘sense-check’ their CURM.  Although it is NICE compliant, it has been built by a US based company and they wish to ensure that it is suitable for use in the UK.

In order to do this ‘sense checking’ they would like to develop a bank of clinicians to support this review as well as to act as clinical champions in promoting the work and ultimately may also be asked to be involved in the international panel of experts which reviews the evidence on a regular basis. They are able to pay surgeons based on time involved, although they can only provide this payment where surgeons can be paid independently, such as through a limited company.

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