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South Wales Chapter Update Feb 2018

ACPGBI Enquiry – Colorectal Cancer Outcomes in Wales – December 2016

This meeting took place in December in Cardiff to present the findings of the ACPGBI Report into the Colorectal Cancer Outcome Data from NBOCA 2014 and 2015. This was a well attended meeting chaired by Professor Bob Steele and Dr Tom Crosby (South Wales Cancer Network Lead) with a panel including Professor Steven Brown, Miss Nicola Fearnhead, Professor Paul Finan, Professor Alastair Munro, Professor Eva Morris, Professor Jim Hill (NBOCA) and Mr Peter Dawson (ACPGBI President 2017). This was attended by representatives from the Welsh Colorectal MDTs.

The report was presented along with a series of interesting related presentations regarding data analysis and the NBOCA perspective. The report describes some uncertainty about some aspects of the data collection and analysis. Concern was raised about the ability for CANISC (Welsh Cancer Database) to provide a suitable platform for data collection. Although the Welsh Colorectal Cancer Outcome data for 2015 (NBOCA 2015) is improved there remains concern in Wales regarding the accuracy of the data for future years.

Subsequent to this meeting there has been a discussion within the Colorectal Cancer MDT’s across South Wales and there is a clear commitment to collection of accurate Colorectal Cancer Outcome data by all of the MDT’s. To help to ensure this there is a consensus view that CANISC is not “fit for purpose” and should be replaced now to avoid future problems with a system which accurately communicates data to NBOCA. This has been communicated to National Welsh Informatics Service (NWIS) and the Welsh Assembly Government by Dr Tom Crosby- outcome awaited.

Current issues affecting South Wales colorectal surgeons

  • Ongoing impact of severe funding restrictions: waiting times (inpatient, outpatient, endoscopy)
  • Impact of Increasing Emergency General Surgical workload and NELA on Consultant Colorectal Surgeon work patterns and appointments


Michael Davies, February 2017