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Dear Member - The Executive and Council met last month and I thought it may be of interest to you to know of the contemporary themes and debates that are occurring within the Association at the moment.

Peter Dawson, ACPGBI President
Peter Dawson, ACPGBI President
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Professor Søren Laurberg has accepted Honorary Membership of the Association to be granted at the Bournemouth meeting. We wish him many congratulations. Further nominations from the membership are sought. Executive and Council considered it appropriate that the website should now list previous Honorary members, Dukes’ Club Presidents along with recipients of the Geoff Oates medal, and the BJS, Goligher, BDRF and Colorectal Disease lecturers.

The Dukes’ Club proposal is now accepted and negotiations with the Treasurer, Baljit Singh, in terms of future financial arrangements and support for the Dukes’ Club under the ACPGBI wing, are underway. The new categories of membership will be:

  1. Full member of the Dukes’ Club, with full member benefits, including attendance at the Dukes’ Club meetings, a one-time credit to the motorway course with eligibility for various Dukes’ / ACPGBI prizes. For example: Young Coloproctologist of the Year and Fellowship applications. There will be certain restrictions to the Dukes’ Club website, which is now being developed as a ‘microsite’ under the ACPGBI wing.
  2. Newsletter only category, which will not be charged for membership. This will enable prospective members of the Dukes’ Club to see the newsletter and have access to the open part of the newly developed website.

The BDRF is on an even keel financially and their recent newsletter keeps the Society up to date. The recent grant from ACPGBI of £50,000 has enabled BDRF to fund the increasingly important Delphi projects.

Executive and Council considered a new draft document from the Royal College of Surgeons of England entitled “Improving Surgical Training,” a proposal for a pilot surgical programme. ACPGBI have drafted a response to the document, to the Chair of the SAC in General Surgery.

The Shadow Board of Trustees have now met under the Chairmanship of our previous President, Bob Steele. The Board comprises lay Members, past Presidents and Members with expertise in finance, charity and legal matters. Further news of this innovation will be available shortly.

Executive and Council have welcomed the prospect of joint ownership of Colorectal Disease with the European Society of Coloproctology. This has been discussed at the Journal Committee and the next step is now an open meeting between both interested parties to accommodate the wishes of both sides in the interest of the continued success of the journal.

A revised proposal for an ACPGBI badged TaTME course from our Coloproctology Tutor Nader Francis has been received and approved. We hope to announce more details of this in the future.

I am very pleased to confirm that the Tripartite meeting in Seattle is now going ahead with input from the ACPGBI and RSM with sessions being chaired by our Members and keynote lectures being given. Further details of this will be posted as they are made available.

The work on the new website continues and will hopefully be completed by the end of the year. The addition of ‘talking heads’ to attract the public’s attention and further information about the various committees that make up the intricate working of the Association will be available shortly. Two vacancies on the External Affairs Committee are being advertised (applications close on the 18th November 2016).

You will have received a very detailed Research and Audit newsletter from Miss Nicola Fearnhead, our Chair of Research and Audit. This demonstrates the wealth of expertise and enthusiasm that the Association is now providing in these areas. The Clinical Outcome Publication is due to be published on the 17 November 2016. My grateful thanks to all who have contributed and continue to provide enormous energy, drive and commitment to this project. The findings are very positive.

An exciting innovation is the ACPGBI’s leadership in developing an “advanced and recurrent colorectal cancer best practice symposium”. Interested parties are being invited with a view to attend a meeting at The Royal College of Surgeons in the spring of next year.

In addition, the ACPGBI Guidelines on Colorectal cancer will be published before the end of year and the ACPGBI position statement on fistulas is due to be updated with Graham Williams co-ordinating this work.

The outcome of the various committee elections recently has now been posted on the website and congratulations to all Members who have applied. Commiserations to those applicants who did not succeed. There were several applicants for each post and this is indicative of a very vibrant Association.

Finally I was delighted to hear that Mr David Sellu’s appeal was successful today and our best wishes go to him and his family. We now look forward to the festive period and I will be in touch again very shortly.

With best wishes
Peter Dawson, President ACPGBI

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